Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August 2nd, 2016

Annie is an adorable little lady!

Mia Mosa shows off her glorious coat

Magic is looking mighty marvelous

Every time I see Oscar all curled up, I just want to cuddle up with him!

Sasha is a sweetie!

Thirsty girl

Chloe loves her carrier 

Samuel is a snuggle bug

Ron is a darling!


Mr. T!

Silly Stanley!

Gitana takes a pretty picture

Summer has the biggest eyes and the cutest little nose

Kaplan takes the best close ups

Zuma is one of our friendliest new guests!

Always on the move
We love you, Samson!

Jack Black is a jolly good boy

Stanley on the move

It's precious Percy!

It's sleepy little Tiara!

Her brother Prince lives up to his name

Gitana get's cuddles from Allison!

What a face

There you are, Pancho!



Sweet little siblings!

When I came back to finish the blog, Sasha had taken over my spot!

Happy August! Thanks for stopping by.
Your blog host, Lindsay

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