Thursday, August 4, 2016

August 4th, 2016

Welcome newest kitten guest, darling Drake!

Esme is queen of the cattery!

Jack Black is simply the best

Samuel is all curled up

Pancho doesn't want to wake up

Gatana is always camera ready!

Fender is back!

And his sibling Gibson!

Feeling pretty relaxed there, Stanley??

Mr/ T and his shadow are hanging out

Millie is mighty pooped

Percy is so precious!

Mia loves the very top of a shelf, it's the perfect spot to gaze at all the action

Missey is sound asleep

Kaplan is a chatter box today!

Gosh, Summer, could you have a cuter face??

Kaplan wants to play!

Zuma joins in on the fun!


Annabella watches the toy battle from her bed

Adorable siblings Prince & Tiara just woke up from snuggling together

Nixie is waaaay up there!

Hey there, Jeff!

Ani, beautiful Ani!

It's curious Chloe!

Sasha sashays away!

Oscar is the sweetest senior kitty
What a face!

Magic watches the room from the window

What's up, Suzy?

Ron is tuckered out in a little hut

Mia Mosa waits for dinner to be served

Annie is another chair enthusiast kitty

Welcome back, sweet Squidgy!

Happy Seafair Weekend! Stay safe!
Your blog host, Lindsay

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