Saturday, November 5, 2016


Happy Caterday at All My Kitties

Fall is definitely here which all of us can tell by the changing garden.

Nazale has been here for an entire month but she is going home tomorrow.  


Louie is slowly accepting us but he has a paw that could throw a fastball at 105mph.  He knows he's good at it too.    

 Lindsay shows love to all the kitties.  Moja gets special attention while his condo is being cleaned out.

Darby loves the outdoor window veranda.

More love from Allison, this time to Meekers.  Such a sweet kitty.

Moja again.  What a beautiful tail.

Beau is a big lovely black cat.

 They might look a little different but we have never boarded a Sphinx we didn't like.  What a great breed.  Meet Watson.

His body just radiates heat and would be a great bed warmer.

 Holder is a beautiful bangle 

Rappy loves the heated floors. 
Felix prefers his carrier, even when he is at home with his guardians.

More dancing on the floor from Rappy.

 Awwww, Pancho Villa has been boarding with us since the beginning of time.

 All our outside cat cabins have heated pads.  Best of both worlds for Mittens.  

 Really, Frankie does have eyes.  He just doesn't like the flash of the camera.

Come on Frankie, open up!

 Sneaky Sonny high on an outside perch spying on the other feline guests.

Watson strutting his stuff.

Rainy found a little hidy-hole that is just a perfect fit.

One of my favorite pieces of art on our cattery wall by Pierre Bonnard.

If we missed your kitty please email us at

Keep dry if you can.  Your blog host - Marie

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