Wednesday, November 23, 2016

November 23rd 2016

KC has those pretty green eyes.  

Who's got those big BEAR paws?  

Columbus is an intrepid soul.

Another rainy day for Cougar...


Yuki and Hana, which one of you guys is which?  

Stella is beginning to warm up to the place!


You can take Sonny out of the jungle but you can't take the jungle out of Sonny!

Stan my man!  

Sleepy Frankie.


Lopo is taking advantage of the newly instated heating pads on the shelves and cabins outside.

Caruso is the handsomest of cats.  

Jessica doesn't seem to mind the cold weather one bit.  

Popo is in a hurry to get back to her condo.

Roo couldn't be bothered during this crucial nap time.

Sammy is a trooper!  

Ollie gets some fresh air in the window box.  

Tana takes her best swing at the camera.

Pancho sleeps the afternoon away.  



It's no surprise that Frank is curled up in his cabin outside.  

Waimea is getting along nicely for a first-timer.  

How did you get all the way back there, Ispie?  

Leo is the softest ball of fluff!

Maggie nearly falls over in excitement for picture time.  

Marilyn couldn't get any more cute.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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