Monday, November 21, 2016

November 21st, 2016

Haji is king of the cattery

Columbus couldn't possibly be any cuter!

Waimea is our newest guest

What a beauty!

Samson is just the sweetest! 


Lopo lays low

KC is a major cutie!

Frank looks up at all the sunshine

Taj is terrific!

Merlin climbs to the top of the house

Made it!

Caruso has the most divine coat

Frankie says "No pictures today, please!"

Bear hides behind his fluff

Marilyn keeps it mellow

Roo is getting sleeeepy

Popo is so precious

Lucy lounges in her carrier

It's our lovely Lola

Sonny makes sure to clean himself in the best lighting

Cougar is pretty cool



Taj poses in front of the kitty painting

Happy Holiday week!

Your blog host, Lindsay

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