Friday, April 14, 2017

April 14th 2017

So many Spring-Breakers and vacationing at All My Kitties!


Lovely Aurora.

Stretch is a sweet little guy!

Does Max know how handsome he is?

Myrtle has really warmed up to the place!

Maggie, you goofball!


Curious Nino.

Richard has his eyes on a certain little lady.

Juno is always picture-perfect!

Bailey Bob loves the out-of-doors.

Rex has that baby face!

Eliza spends most of her day communing with Nature.

Nino again.

Gorgeous Max!

Pretty Popo!

Starbuck is the nicest guy once you get to know him.

Leo's back and we love his haircut!

Penelope is a day-dreamer.

Hazel looks quite content with herself.  

Gabby is the office queen!


Poppy says she's ready for her closeup!

Oliver keeps an eye on his best bud, Frosty.  

Syyida is a big fan of her condo.

Ivy is just the sweetest little girl.  

Chaupette is a real stunner!

Ceasar couldn't be sweeter!

Kuro is one cool kitty.  

Pancho suns himself by the window. 


Tito is a saucy character!

Such a darling boy!

Have a great weekend!

Your blog host,


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