Saturday, April 29, 2017

April 29th

This is definitely the photo of the day!

George shows us his magnificent claws.

Old girl Bocelli drinks two full bowls of water a day.

Everyone is in position for dinner including Lewie.




Sophie enjoying a little personal time with Allison.

Our cat artwork adorns our walls throughout the cattery.

Stanley rather be on to of his condo than in it.  

Stella Blue

What big eyes you have Scout.

Frankie girl is showing us how tough she is with her scatching abilities.



Adoption alert!!!

Twins Eru and Taiko lost their human mommy and are looking for a forever home together.  They love to hunt for critters so they are indoor/outdoor kitties.

Aren't they the most adorable?  I've known them since they were kittens.

Cute little bunny.  The two brothers cannot be separated.

Muggins finds a quiet warm spot under my desk next to the heater, but tonight he found his way back into his special bed.  Such a sweetie!  XXOO

Charlie can't get enough love.  


Tigger had some anxiety issues but he has settled in quite well.  He loves to be out in the catio, but tonight he sleeps in the comfort of his cat tent.  XXOO

Ron is a little shy looking in the flash of the camera.  He looks this way and then that way.  

This week we say goodbye to one of our cat wranglers extraordinaire, Lindsay.  We wish her the best as she moves to sunny south California (do you blame her?).  She has been a part of AMK for more than a year and we wish her the very best on her new adventure.  We will miss you Lindsay!  XXOO  

Your blog host - Marie

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