Monday, June 12, 2017

June 12

And so another week starts at All My Kitties

 Greyson greets me with a meow.

 Penny likes to hide under the desk, especially when the vacuum cleaner starts up.

 Desi loves her condo.

 Ollie has such an adorable nose.  I just want to kiss it.

Welcome Manny! 
 Simba may look stern, but he is a lover
 Max just loves his tent

 Sweet boy Pancho taking a mid morning nap

 Becky looking for love
 Ginger, the newest AMK baby!
 Ginger was too excited to eat her snacks
 There is a cat head attached to that big body.  Peek a boo Dolly.

OK, who's King??? How about Holder?

 Marilyn is looking soooo glamorous dahhling!

 Midnight never stops moving! Loves to explore!
 I am amazed how high Candy can climb.

 Midnight's doppleganger - Lamar! Such a friendly boy!
 Mimi props up her head long enough for me to take a quick photo.

 Teddy!!!  Really, you can eat in privacy.  I wasn't going to take it from you. Sooooo Sorry!

 That's better Teddy.

 It took Bella a few days to come out of her shell.  She is a very sweet kitty.

 Suzy and her pink kitty bed just seem to go together.

An eyeful of Becky!

 Frankie is just chillin!

We end today's blog with Millie.  I love this and all the boarders at All My Kitties.

Your blog host - Marie

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