Wednesday, June 14, 2017

June 14th

So many sweet faces at All My Kitties!

 Moose kitten! Softest baby in the world

Candy loves to pose for us

Ollie showing us his best lion impression!

Sweet Suzy girl
A cleft pallet doesn't slow down Ms. Dolly

Simba saunters over for some love

Percy is a spelunker!

Nazale adores her post

Missy wants us to know this is her front porch

Tiggs loves exploring the office

Sleepy Sebastian

Greyson has the most dapper goatee

No resisting this face from Ollie!

Well hello Archer!

Theo loves to bathe!

Ollie always tries to get everyone to play

Ginger likes to play Peek-a-boo

If pictures had sound you'd hear Becky's sweet purr

Eru says "Will you take me and Taiko home with you?"
These sweet boys are still looking for their furrever homes!

Frankie and those sweet baby blues

Marie's cat Charles came to visit and say hi to all the kitties!

Manny likes to "hang" out

Janeway making her way out to play

Holder just found out he has to go home today - we will see you again soon!
Marilyn loves her vintage style condo. It suits her classic look

Yarr matey! Its Midnight!

The new rugs match Max's gorgeous coat


Misu looks like the coziest cloud

Nighty night Millie girl

Thanks for checking us out! If for some reason you don't see your kitty, just email for pics!

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