Thursday, July 6, 2017

Eru & Taiko

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  Eru & Taiko   

Looking to add some more fur to your family? Look no further! Eru & Taiko are the perfect family kitties! 

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These boys are ready to go home anytime to their new family! They come with their own carriers, collars and tags, a case of food and a bag of litter! 

Eru loves napping outside in the sun

Taiko makes the sweetest sounds! 

These boys are purebred American Shorthairs, with the softest plushiest coats ever!

They are such snuggle bunnies. Because they are pair-bonded and love each other SO much, they must go to a home together.

They love the outdoors and are used to coming and going. They will be happiest as indoor-outdoor kitties...but they do use a litter box and know how to use a kitty-door too!

They are also happiest when they have someone to cuddle and get lots of pets from.

Look at those beautiful swirls! Their short coats are super low-maintenance and not very sheddy

They will love and greet all of your visitors! Truly easy-going brothers.

They even love other kitties! The boys have done so well at the cattery and have made countless friends with our guests.

The boys love to eat and will eat almost any kind of canned wet food you give them!

"Won't you be my new furrrever home?"
This sweet face is too much to resist!

If you wish to adopt these two wonderful boys or schedule a meet & greet please send us an email and we'd be happy to answer any questions:

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