Thursday, July 6, 2017

July 6th

Happy Thursday from All My Kitties!

Beau shows off for the camera

Percy loves his cool dome on a hot day
Aussie gets her manicure on

I was looking for Percy...and I found him!

Gentle Giant Alex prefers to watch the action

Who's cute tail is this?
Its Scout!
Scouts gotta shout!

Jazmine lounges in her kitty palace

Misu the lovebug!

Zoe mlem!

Welcome Pan!

Junebug loves her luxury apartment

Gabby Gabby Hey!

Welcome Arnold!

Just a peak from Mossimo

Millie found a cool catio spot

You're such a monkey Bella!

Ziggy is the more laid back one

Butters watches the view intently

Look at Roger's soft paws! 

Mossimo and Rocky kickin it

Its Tiggs' last day! We'll miss you sweet lady!

There's that sweet Bella face

Yuki enjoying a little AC

Hana prefers her cave

Rocky looking so handsome

Aww Max

Precious Andy

Numa the quiet observer
Smokey gives us his best innocent face

Its Max's last day at AMK! He's catching some rest before he flies to his new home! We'll miss you sweet boy, thanks for being such an awesome guest!

And thanks to all the fur-parents for checking us out on this busy holiday week!

Your blog host,

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