Thursday, July 20, 2017

July 20th

It's afternoon nap time and all the kitties seem sooooo tired!

Jellybean loves her carrier.  She decided to sleep on top of it today and made a nice comfy bed. 
Theo has cute little bunny feet.

Jazmine and Rajah are staying with us for three months.  

Have you every seen a cat drink water with his paw?
 Rajah will demonstrate by first dipping his paw in the water.

Next, scoop up the water with curled toes.

 Lap up from your paw.

Make sure you get every last drop.

 More very sleepy kitties. 


 Watson just can't be bothered to pose for the camera.


Kittens Nox and Cinnamon - first visit to AMK

What big eyes you have Nox!

 KITTEN IN THE HOUSE!  Cinnamon with Angela.


 Gibbson showing a little paw.

Eru looks a bit cross.  Sorry to wake you bud! 

 Bella loves the outdoor catio.


 Pan is a beautiful, friendly kitty.

I give Mr. Blue a chin rub. 

Then it's my turn to get a foot rub from Mr. Blue. 

Puss N Boots is as pretty as a picture.   

Numa has a plan.

 How about jumping to the top of the next cat condo???

Up Up and away! 

 Ahhh, safe landing.  Good job Numa.


 Leo posing in one of our new colorful cat tents.

Awww, Cooper just wants to sleep on my desk.  What a sweetie.

Thanks for tuning in.  See you back here in a couple of days.

Your blog host - Marie


  1. Jasmine and Rajahhh! :) Thanks for taking care of them!

    1. They are just the sweetest! Its been our pleasure to have them =^.^=