Sunday, November 12, 2017

November 12th

Its a Snuggly Day at All My Kitties

Hamlet the Greeter!
Mimi sittin' pretty up high on the condos

Sleepy Roo-roo

Bags and Mary are all chill today

"Chin scratches please!"

Getting comfy Isis?

Mary looks like the coziest fluffy pillow!

Lil Bit is feeling a lil bit sleepy
Elijah loves his basket

And checking out new nap spots - like behind the computer!

Sweetie Samantha

Zip zipping around!

Can't hold still!

Purr-C poses so nicely for me

Hamlet is such a lovey guy

Tula in the catio!

Showing off those teefies
Simon waits his turn for cuddles

Hey there Riga!

She'd live in the catio if she could

"Maybe if I stand up here she will pick me up.."

Love Hamlet's cute face!

Charles is in for a visit!

Taiko still waiting for his furrever home 
Little Olive!

Are there two in there..?


Fifa coming out!

Strutting her stuff

Contemplative Purr-C

Hamlet found the good toy!

Here comes Luna to join!

Who's gonna get it?

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