Monday, November 20, 2017

November 20th

Happy Monday From All My Kitties!

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Don't you wish you had one of these on a day like today?

Rainy weather doesn't stop Kona from enjoying some fresh air

Baby all snuggled in

Bags, the "Most Interesting Cat in the World"

Elijah "I was born in the shadows!"
Pancho looking for some love

Pretty Penny

Lovebug sisters Mary & Isis

Diablo not the biggest fan of flash

Bear looks SO comfy!

Elijah checks out some coordinating digs after a catio romp
Aww Jessica

I don't think Zip wants to go home today!

Red is definitely Cougar's color
Well hey Merlin!!
"We were just playin!"

Just a mlem from Petunia

Figaro is the king of cozy

Blaire struts his stuff 
And out the door he goes!
Ike says "hello!"
A catio lover for sure
Jackie you're so cute!

She sleeps under blankies like a person!

Sweetest Fluffy face

Samantha they're behind you!
Finn the condo king!

What a great stretch Samantha

Stanley cracks me up!
One more from Samantha - so darling

Hi Scout!
Tucked in for a nap

Thanks for tuning in! Sorry if we forgot anyone!

Busy holiday week - we will try our best to stay on schedule for the blog. If you want more updates or pics send us an email!

Your Host,
Angela =^..^=

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