Saturday, November 18, 2017

Nov 18th

Elijah awaits his brushing time


Sweet Mary
Bunkbed Sisters!

Cozy Kona

Baby girl

Bags saves a little breakfast for later

Welcome back Scout! 
Always know where to find Mimi

Figaro has the mood lighting going

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Jackie looks so cute all cuddled in her blankies!
Come out and say hi!

There were two in there!
Finn found his own bed to settle down in

Samantha exploring new heights

Zip contemplates her next adventure

We love Taiko's curled feetsies

Pancho's claimed his bowl!

Such a sweet old guy 
Zipping around!

Fluffy you are too cute!

Peaking Eru

Love that beauty mark Mimi!

Ike is a cool dude

Ike loving the catio!

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