Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve Pt. 1

It's that time of year again when we pass around the eggnog to all the kitties.

Get ready for loads of photos! If you don't see your kitty here, keep scrolling for part 2!

 Winston tucked away

Butterscotch in his favorite pose 
Jubilee is a social guy with Apollo & Davey

Oyster Boy

Another social gathering at the window: Tony, Buddy & Cyan 


Clovis is sure looking cute today

Scout is a chill dude

Tony looking precious

Apollo doesn't mind sharing his space

Look at the peepers on Dexter! 
Buddy enjoys the sweeping view

Oyster blep

The gangs all here!

Clovis kitty

Mr. Cat always looks so cozy

So does his twin, Roo!
Cyan camped out

Phill O_O 

Dapper Mustache Man Ron

Comfy Kuroko

Ollie blends right in


Dolly is not a fan of the flash in the "morning"

Leo doing his Mr. Miyagi impression

All curled up Elijah

A rare still moment for Zip

Nyar & Yana ;)

Stretch it out Bags

Just trying to get you unstuck!

A sly look from those Jade eyes

PS - In order to give all the kitties the attention they need, after today, we are putting a "paws" on the blog until 12/27. 

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