Friday, December 22, 2017

December 22nd, 2017

 Get ready for lots and lots of cute kitty photos

 Ron has been very close to me all day.  Such a sweet boy.

 Ollie looks pretty relaxed even with all the other kitty guests.

 Maggie is such a contrast in texture and colors.

 Ziggy hanging out with the roll of paper towels.  Oh well, whatever makes you comfortable.

 Wha's up Scout?

 Mr. T. has some attitude.  Chill out darlin'.  

 What is silly Pan doing?

Do we have a chinchilla staying at All My Kitties?

It's Louie

Charlie & 


Teddy is a charming guy. 

Majestic Blueberry

Misu discovers the heated floors.  Ahhhhhh!

Mia and Gitana have an impostor sharing their condo.Who is it?  

It's Kodiak


Chloe has the flip flops too on the heated floor.

Chloe rules!




Baily Bob inside the heated cat cabin.

Myrtle on the lookout!

Arina is such an easy going kitty.

 Butter longs to go outside but this window perch will have to do for now.  He's claimed it as his own.  


Who is this space creature???
 It's the Sphinx Winston, quickly becoming one of my favorite breeds.

Jubilee and Davey are becoming close friends.

Pumpkin is actually Davey's partner in crime but loyalty didn't last long here.

Leo looks a little irritated but he's just doesn't understand why ALL the condos aren't his.

Apollo and Scout
We have two Scouts visiting us this holiday.  This is one.  He is just a sweetie.

Dolly loves all her new companions.

I can't get enough of Buddy.
Buddy loves the window veranda even if he has to share it with Apollo.

Roo Roo


Bags lays long enough for a quick fluffing.

Nyar and Yana are enjoying the library. 

I got quite a bit of fur off them too.

This is Elijah's favorite basket.

Zip likes the library too.

Oh my goodness that's a lot of kitties.  A few more are coming tomorrow for a very, VERY busy holiday.

Your blog host - Marie

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