Monday, December 18, 2017

December 18th

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Winter holidays have begun at All My Kitties!

Teddy found the catnip!

Silly girl Hoaloha!
Arina comes over to say hello

Charlie looks good in pink

Roly-poly Blueberry

Louie such a clown

Pan remembers his old condo so well

Sriracha tuckered out after a morning of hard play

Gorgeous Gitana

Pudge must be well-read since he loves the bookshelf so much

Greyson loving the catio this visit

Patrick Coconut makes friends with Notch

Little baby coconut

Notch, you could teach him a thing or two!

Blueberry in action

Sweetest Misu

Arina has the most gorgeous fur coat

Playful lil' Louie

Gitana says hello!

Peekaboo Teddy!

Miss Mia!

Greyson has the best goatee-tuxedo combo


Marley rolls for head scratches

Maggie the stunner!

Tula looks so comfy

Scout loves his bed from home more than ours!

Venus getting curious...


Oh Jubilee, I do believe, you are so handsome!

Ollie and his whimsical wizard whiskers

Lil Pumpkin is all love

Elijah is glued to the window and his new fav bed

Bags loves the love

Rocky found the best basket in the catio

Scout-ing out the view!

Ron, the Mustache Man
Shiloh is ready to nap!

Thanks for checking out the blog! Sorry if we missed anyone, feel free to email us for more pics!

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