Thursday, April 12, 2018

April 12th

Party like it's Spring Break at the cattery!

It's a banana!!!

Archer and Chausette just hanging out.  

Jasper has the stars in his eyes.  


A portrait of an Oyster.  

Innocent Wally.  

Persy Poodle!  

Welcome back, Leo!  

Gabby is all partied out.  

Beguiling Chausette.  

Janeway and Nox!


Sweetest Catherine.  

Pancho is the wisest of cats.  

Howdy, Mack!  

Ceasar wants in on the action!

Lovely Lamar.  

Mitten is stepping out to say hello.  

Hobbes just arrived for the first time and he's a real cutie.  

Vibrant Jessica.  

Eliza loves her cabin.  

Farewell Sriracha!  You're going home tomorrow!  

Dignified Neko.  

Baby Bear!  

Bobby wins the cutest kitten contest.

Nice to meet you, Colette!

Are you ready for your close up, Miyu?

Elise is just so well behaved!  

Observant Nox.  

Pepper is a stunner.  


Just go for it, Roscoe!

Pretty Poppy.  

Howdja get to be so sweet, Bobby?


Hello again, Percy.  

Honorable Bags.  

Aussie just woke up from a nap.  

That you in there, Juno?  

Marvelous Misu.

Have a great day!

Your blog host,


P.S. Don't forget Cinnamon!  Everyone, please let us know if we've missed your kitty in the blog and you would like to see more pictures of them.  Thank you!

If you're looking for Cinnamon, check the top of the stairs!  

Cinnamon and Roscoe.  

Here comes Cinnamon!

For the pets!  

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