Thursday, April 26, 2018

April 26th

Shadow and Fifi!

Moose is ready to greet customers at the door.  

Miraculous Mika.  

Fifi is a sweet little one!  

Charismatic Figaro.  

Coletteenjoying the nice weather in her window box.

Steadfast Elijah.  

Beautiful Baby.

Darling Penny loves her basket.  

She's always so receptive to pets!  

Ever-alert Mika.  

Sweetest Candy.  

Chipper Kiya.  

Frankie is at home in the outdoors.  



Otis wants hugs!  

Shadow tends to flatten out when the temperature rises.  


Darling Moose.  

Cutie is a real charmer.  

Mika again!  

Fifi puts herself on display.   

Ike just arrived yesterday and he's total sweetie!  

Simba lounges by the window.  

Cutie is a delight!  

Show-stopping Goose.  

We're going to miss you when you go home, Bags!  

Regular guest Yuki just arrived and she's familiar with her surroundings.  

Hanna just arrived too and she's ready for a nap.  

Good to see you again, Nyla!

Doesn't Elvira has daintiest features?

Magnetic Miyu.  

Have a great day!

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