Friday, April 6, 2018

April 6th

Our Spring Breakers are ready for some fun in the sun!


Zip loves her condo!

Bags is a real fixture around here...

Amiable Elijah.

Wally is being a good girl!  

Pretty Piccolo.  

Gentle Jasper.  

It wouldn't be a holiday without Percy!

Splendid Hoaloa.

Mew keeps it cozy!

Welcome back, Jake!

Siesta time for Puss 'n Boots.  

Good to see you again, Cleo!

Princely Kato.  

Puck is ready to explore.  

Simon is swell!  

Sriracha is at home in the catio.  

Puck never skips a beat.  

Fluffy is always obliges.  

Mother and daughter duo, Poppy and Catherine, are never far apart.  

Mittens is a little more independent than her family members.  

Poppy couldn't be more content it seems.  

Cinnamon wants out!!!

You can come out now!  

All Nox wants is a little basket to call his own.  

That sweet face.  

Cinnamon is happy to explore.  

Pretty boy Kato.  

Simon and Sriracha!  

Is that Drake in there?

You go, Simon!

Janeway and Archer just arrived.  

Can you tell that they are brother and sister?

Fluffy is perfection.  

Buddy-Buddy Mew.  

Always so happy to see us.  

Hoa is simply stunning.  

Aussie baby!

Ollie is always on his best behavior.  

Have a great day!

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