Saturday, May 12, 2018

May 12th

Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

From All Your Kitties!

Little baby kitty!
Jasper is the most precious little guy!

Smudge's tent goes so well with her eyes

L.E. as content as can be

Little Saoirse all snuggled down

Apollo is such a peaceful guy

Jackson doesn't know what to do with his new little baby kitten brother!
Elijah Enlightened

Lucky Luke!

Kitkat rolls just like a kitten

L.S. takes a break from sun lounging

Elijah has the world in his eyes

All Hail King Raleigh!

Millie guards the bowl

Ziggly mlem 
Frankie-O you are just stunning!

Luna is wide eyed and bushy tailed!

She's ready for some shoulder climbing!

We always know where to find Little Cat

Puma found the catio sky lounge 
Sorry about the flash Puma!

Hmm I wonder who's brother this is?

Luna's brother, Purr-C!

Too hot in the catio for floofy toes Cutie?

Thats a good mlem, Blaire!

Fluffy is the sweetest girl

Love her lil pink nose

Bags always up top

Blaire is so lithe, his booty disappears!

Dipper is a sweet guy!

Mabel loves to sleep under the covers - so adorable!

Frankie D is in da house

Well isn't this a surprise! Domino makes a visit to the cattery

Aww Mr. T -  I didn't know how much you hated the flash!

Thats better, T

Corbyn is bliss

Hello little Carlotta! 

Luke is all chill today

Octane you're stunning! 
Mac says "peekaboo!"

Millie and Fluffy hanging out

Mac loves the sun

Octaine is our resident leopard!

Frankie says "sweet dreams"

Thanks for tuning in all you cat-mamas (and papas too!)

Your Blog Host,

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