Tuesday, May 22, 2018

May 22nd

Busy Week!

At All My Kitties!

Luke is the best assistant
Kitkat enjoys the sunshine

Otis booty-pop!

Loki tries to get Pumpkin's attention

Baz lives for the outdoors

Louisa is all over the catio

Tommy explores new heights

Hello up there Mabel!

Scout wants to play

Petunia is all love this week

Dipper is such a nice guy!

Cutie can't resist the catio either

Mika face!

Welcome back Figaro!

Ollie gets some catio time today

Looks like Tommy wants to say hi to him

Fierce Mika! 
Ian is such a sweet boy

Family photo time!

Pumpkin and Luna are a treat

Snuggly Otis


Maska basking

Little Luna mlem!

George is a busy guy

Peaceful Chloe

Luke got his dose of Vitamin D today

And so did Elijah!

Kitkat loves to prance around her condo for me

Even Smokey is loving the weather

Venus checks it out too!

Little Jyn found a safe and cozy place up high



Bowie you are SO handsome!

Thanks for tuning in! Have a purrrfect day!

Your Blog Host,

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