Thursday, May 10, 2018

March 10th

What a nice group of cats we have right now!


Smudge loves everybody.


Say "cheese", Elijah!

Now open wide and say "aaah!"

Apollo is one sweet little dude.  


Millie the Magnificent.

Never leave us, Cutie!

Newcomers Mabel and Dipper just arrived and their eyes are wide open.  

Can you tell that they are siblings?

Pepper waves hello.  


Frankie's back!

Little Cat really likes this particular cabin in the catio.  

She'll let you pet her belly if you ask nicely.  


Fluffy flops like a pro.  

Carlotta just arrived for the very first time.

Brave little girl!

Frankie is a darling kitty.  

Ziggy enjoys the sunsine.

Have a great day!

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