Tuesday, June 12, 2018

June 12th

Making All the Friends!
At All My Kitties
Hello Ben! 
Chill day for Tubby Kitty

Bitty Kitty just woke up from a nap!

Rufina finds a new spot to survey her kingdon

Myrtle, being casual

Sebastian is the sweetest guy 

Loki Baby!

Don't worry! The camera isn't scary Loki!
(he got some really good chin scritches after)

Lavish Leo

Boomer Buddy!

Looks like nap time isn't far away for you Myrtle!
Sultry Sebastian

Whose nose is this??
Wilson Baby!

Helo is a big fan of the bookcase


You're so big since we last saw you 
I just noticed how symmetrical Beau's markings are

Bobby sharpens his murder mittens

Angelic boy
Ben, you're still in there?
Rufina, Princess of the Floof

Bitty Kitty helps me with the blog today!

Thanks for checking us out!
Your Blog Host(s), Angela & Bitty Kitty

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