Saturday, June 23, 2018

June 23rd

 Happy Pride Weekend

Loki meets Jasper!

"What is this small cat?" 
Cozy Nina

Butterscotch snoozing the day away
New cat wrangler, Andrew, makes friends fast!

Boo-boo kitty

Phil Collins says "Take a look at me-ow!"

Sweetest Garth

Sorry to wake you Nixie!

Action Jackson!

This little baby never stops moving!

Jasper takes in the view

Rex is about to take over the window now...

Maybe he'll share with Garth? 
(Phil photobomb!)

Washi is still a little wide-eyed

Sayyida the Peacemaker 
Milo nose!

Parkour! Did you knock down that rug?

Was it Bobby?

Panqueque has a great time playing

Yarr! Its Cammy! 
Hmmm....I think Panqueque is the rug bandit!



Cat is right at home

Hey guys!

Nimbus & Parkour lounge about


Panqueque found the catnip...

Mona & Beau are still getting settled

Lopo kitty boy

Oberst loves to watch the action from above

Serene Simon

Rocky loves to show off his claws 
"Don't ever wake me when I'm nappin!"
Juno toe beans

Alder found the coziest corner

Such a soulful gaze

Bear just loves "hanging out"!

Roo is such a good desk helper 
Well hello Wayne!

So happy to have Roo roo back

Rex finally got a turn 

Bobby the bunny!

Sayyida says "till next time!"

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