Wednesday, June 6, 2018

June 6th

Things have really quieted down around here after the holiday weekend. Kitties must be waiting to plan their next vacation!

Majestic Rufina.

Cutest Hana!

Yuki is most content when she's on top of the condos.  

Greyson loves camping out in the storage room.  

Fantastic Rosie.


Leo is on another field trip to the catio.  



Everyone wants to hang out with Rufina in her condo.  


What a pretty girl.  

Boomer shows off his sweet kitty belly.  

He'll let you pet it too!

Beau just rolled in for another visit.  

Nina lays claim to her condo.  

Rufina has it going on!

Simply stunning. 

Helo is a top secret undercover kitty!

Rosie is such a doll.  

She can never have enough pets.  

Marie's cat, Domino, taunts the guests from the other side of the catio fence.  

Have a great day!

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