Saturday, September 1, 2018

Sept 1st

Happy Caturday!

Ben takes over my seat

Owl is crashed out!

Welcome back Bean!

Braveheart :-p

Smokey waits to make his great escape!

Washi is just as cute as I remember


Relaxed Nixie

Little Alice stretches her little feetsies

Bourbon shows off her adorable tail poof!

Owl wakes up from his nap

Raffy says "C'mere I want some love!"

Loki is the prince of silly faces today 

Bubba loves to watch the outside action

Bayley baby!

Smile for the camera, Aussie!

Tinkerbell waits here for anyone to pass by and cuddle her

Jean Grey, X-Cat!

Kitty Smalls is hanging out

Bobby is always a joy! 


Simon is one chill dude

Frank & Lopo were so happy to get a visit from mom & dad this morning

Mack enjoys some fresh air 
Padstow would never come inside if he didn't have to!

Oliver little curled feetsies

Such a pretty Penny

Drake is a big fan of the ran-pak

Ollie has his Batman costume on

Sweetest Misu

Fabulous Frankie!

A surprise visit from Jessica!

Big yawns for Newton

Skylar owns this spot

Neko waits here to greet all the visitors

Kuro found his usual spot

Cat did you just have a tasty snack?

Pink is like love at first sight

Roscoe is back!

Thanks for tuning in!

Your Blog Hosts,
Angela & Devon

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