Sunday, September 16, 2018

September 16th

Jade is such a love, she climbs on the chair for pets everytime I'm in the room

Josie is settling in, studying the office imperiously from her shelf

Sweet Ollie!

Lily may be a little shy, but she jsut needs time to get to know you

George and Ravello hang out together in George's condo


Data like this condo at the top of the stairs 

George is such a playful little guy, him and Ravello had a great time today!

Ravello was trying to befriend everyone, this is him and Coco

Sweet Emmy and her big round eyes!

Curious Seal streeeetches 

Seal is so handsome!

And so is Coco! What a set they make!

Korra all curled up in her basket!

Cecil explored today!

Skipper prefered to sleep in 

Candy discovered that the outdoor beds have heating pads

Cougar rolls around on the catio shelves

and does a BIG YAWN

Isn't he a pretty kitty!?

Frankie likes the baskets on the catio


When Cecil was done exploring he came back to keep Skipper company

Padstow knows what spot he likes!

Ravello being playful

and curious

and so so sweet! 

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