Wednesday, September 5, 2018

September 5th

Pretty girl, Bourbon.

Frankie spends her afternoon in the catio.  


Is that you up there, Kitty Smalls?

Could Lopo nap any harder?

Good Ol' Padstow.

Frank has a favorite cabin.  

Here comes Jinx!

Simon is a sweet little fluffywuffers!

Mr. Good Boy Ollie.  

Lily just arrived for the very first time.

Kitty Smalls!  

Jean Grey invites you to her condo.  

Lamar wants to have a good time.  

Time to roll around!  

Sweetest Simon

Bourbon is quiet the looker.  

Howdy, Zip!

Bean wants to say hi!  

Soultry Pink.  


Poppy is camping in her basket.  


Lamar keeps it classy!


Blueberry is a doll!

Roscoe loves a photo opertunity.  

Sushi, Baby!

Handsome Drake. 

Say "cheese", Q-Tip!

Spike on the move again.

Thanks for looking!

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