Monday, October 8, 2018

October 8th


Partners in crime!
It is so nice of Carlotta to share her grass with you Brew

Silly baby Elsie
Always down for a snuggle

Welcome little Zelda!

Ponce enjoys some fresh autumn air

Bayley comes out for a cuddle

Little Carlotta mlem
Brody is as quiet as a mouse 

Such a darling!

Ollie poses so nicely for his portrait
Sweet and gentle Nim
Idgie is the softest girl ever!

Can't get enough of this cutie!

We always love having Holly & Petunia 

Yoss reeeaaaches out for some attention
Princely Ponce

Welcome Yuffie!

Bayley is sitting pretty


Jinx the social butterfly

Baz on the roof!

A favorite expression of mine 
Silly Brew!

Well hello there Jack!

Playtime for Bobby & Mew!

Just like brothers!

Ollie is always up for an adventure

Monkey bear!

Jinx is "hunting" from up high 

Kitzel in the "wild"

Beautimus Brutus!

Awww these guys



There he goes....

Noodles does the cuddle roll
Welcome back Dick and Jane! 

Brutus says "thanks for tuning in!"

Your Blog Host,

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