Saturday, October 20, 2018

October 20th


Arnold just got dropped off.

And Tina too!

Tofi is a sweet cake!  

Cheeto comes running to say hi.

Newcomer Kurie just arrived.  

Luna, my darling!


Noodles love his cabin...

Dashing Moose.

Lovely Purr-C.

Mezzy looking content.  

Percy is back for another visit!

Newcomer Abbey is very attached to her little basket.  

Happy-go-lucky Yossarian.

It's been a little while since we've seen you here, Leo!

Riley couldn't be cuter.

Mysterious Nina.  

Tomcat likes gazing out the window from his condo.  

Dependable Ponce.  

Fin has quiet the cozy spot in his carrier.  

Yuki pookie!

At it again with the snuggles, Ramona and Sadie??

Johnny Walker is a joy.

The marvelous Miss Minka.  

Hana banana!

Sasha appreciates a cozy basket to call her own.

Thanks for looking!

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