Wednesday, October 10, 2018

October 10th


Brutus struts his stuff.

Elsie just arrived a moment ago.  

Nim goes for a turn about the room.  


Yossarian jumps up to say hello.  

Hey, buddy!

Friendly Nim.  

Bayley was out and about earlier and being a sweetie.  

Nim doesn't shy away from the camera.  

Even cutest kittens need naps!  

Splendid Holly. 

Ponce love his spot on the desk chair.

Welcome back, Oyster!

Elvie Hank found a cozy spot up high.  

Pretty Petunia.

Here are two snugglers, Smokey and Stormy.  


Penny just arrived and she's a cute one!


Zelda is sticking to a basket for now.  

Noodles Poodles!  

Frankie is just out of reach.  

Jack basks in the afternoon sun.  

Monkeying around.  

Jinx is everybody's friend!

Hyra is always so well composed.    

Who knew you were a silly girl?  

Kitzel is as spry as a kitten.  

Jane knows exactly which condo belongs to her! 

And Dick is right on top of his condo. 

Sweetest Carlotta.  

Always so receptive to the pets...

Bazbeaux looks content with himself.  

Yuffie is a sweet, delicate flower.  

Newcomer Tofi arrived just this morning.  


Thanks for looking!

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