Tuesday, November 13, 2018

November 13th

All these kitties are determined...

To "break in" to our hearts!
Aww Fin, we will miss you when you leave today little buddy! 
Marie's cat, Charles, came to spy on us today

Coco came in to tell me all about his trip into the catio 
Kashi is such a handsome lover boy

Pretty Penny

Someone get her a modeling contract!

Fifa just loves her cute little bed from home


Fifa around back of the cuddle ball!

Sabastion has a little bitty milk 'stache

I just woke (newcomer) Beau up from his nap!

Puma is a tree-dweller cat, as Jackson Galaxy would say!
Bunk-bed kitties!

Handsome Cody

Sabastion politely crossing his paws

Brave little Kathryn ventures around the room

Tana, so beautiful and exotic

Hey Seal!

Just a little Penny loaf 
Sweetest Raleigh


Kashi is looking quite comfy for his afternoon siesta

I just woke Millie up from her siesta

Om nom nom

She's always gentle with me


Frankie is a big sweetie whenever I come around for pets

Little Fin shows us his best blep!

Coco prances around for me


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