Monday, November 5, 2018

November 5th

Just the Essentials...

At All My Kitties!

Check out our twin mustache-cats!
Arya is Notch's mini-me!!

 As much as I wanted them to, I could not get them to look at the camera at the same time!

Sadie is the sweetest little muffin

Nazale is on top of the world!

Mona: life imitates art

Nazale shows off her teefies when she yells for pets

Tula shows off her teefies too!
But always quick to forgive and get some head scritches

Ahoy Sailor!

Arya tries to lick off her milk mustache

Magical Jiji

Such a lover

Welcome back Raleigh!

Hey there Delilah!

Liam sneeks into Charlie & Notch's condo after a catio adventure
Bunk bed kitties!

Charlie knows I can't resist when he's got his feetsies all curled up!
Biiiiig stretch for Paris
Making his way out of his cave for some snuggle time

Mandy is another sweet snuggle baby

She's so curious about all the other young kitties...
Double trouble, Mandy and Paris try to make a break for the food room!

Fin just wants to play!

"You see, they look tasty, but they don't smell like donuts AT ALL!"
Welcome back Cammy girl!


Paris checks out the catio

Miss Molly looks amazing at her age!
(no work done either! :D)

Little snuggle bun

Thanks for checking us out!

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