Monday, November 19, 2018

November 19th

Happy Monday!

Olive is happiest in a warm lap

Rita is so photogenic!

Fin has the biggest heart

Roo is stoked to enjoy the catio this stay

Miss Frankie, Princess of Darkness

Coco holds the world in his eyes

Fin pauses his romping to take a quick sip

Noodles has a very special relationship with catnip

He cracks me up!!

Regal Raleigh

Prince of the Catio

Seal likes to stay warm and cozy inside
Coco loves to come out and get her chin rubs

GG is just all LOVE!
Hana looks timid, but she's always ready for cuddles 
Yuki is always out and about

Goose just loves her condo

She is called Diablo, but we think she's an angel 


This is how Meow says he needs some lovin

Holly is soooo sweet!

Fifa shows me her pretty claws

Loki is just mezmerizing!

Look at all that floof coming through, Meow!

Sweetest little Petunia face

Welcome back Jackson! 

Jackson couldn't wait to get out of his condo today to explore

Bunk bed sisters!

Loki enjoys a sunny view

Bear showed up to the photoshoot after dark today!

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