Saturday, March 30, 2019

March 30th

Happy Caturday! 
Ollie is an angel!

Notorious PNB 
Tiberious just can't get enough catio!

Raleigh is always a welcomed face

Moose still has a kitten face 
Agatha is the most adorable scottish fold!

Greyson & Ollie share the tower 

While Jinx guards the door

Whatcha see Tiberious?

Ista came out of her basket when her people came to visit!

Too hot for both legs?

Moose is all love 

Marvelous Monkey!
Right back atcha! 😛😛😛 

Ollie says "this is comfy!"

Classic Petunia
Chloe warms up in the sun 
Such a pretty girl!

Greyson borrows Monkey's basket
Little Leo Loves my Lap!

Well hello there Fig!

Aslan lives up to his name 

Agatha has headlights for eyes!

Leo is the sweetest dude

Hana models for me

Stretch them legs Geno!

Pascal is the senior of our ginger kitty club 
Percy all bundled up!

Oh no! Someone spilled a floof! 
Just Monroe! Phew!

Jubilee is such a handsome guy

Silly Bella dances for pets!

Oscar protects his little brother Colin
Geno watches the action next door

Shadow Yuki
Oscar parades around my feet until I let him into my lap

Hey Colin! 
Percy you look so good in that tent!

Ivy likes to spy on me while I clean

Gracie exploring the room
Ivy found her new favorite spot

Thanks for tuning in!

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