Saturday, May 25, 2019

May 25th

Mysterious Manny



Bunkbed babies

Minka spreads out like a cloud

Molly just loves getting head scritches

Thats a satisfied kitty
Phoebs! Where's your Joey?
Here he is!
Joey approves of the new cat-solarium!
Duncan is such a sweet gentleman

Simon laments the cold 
Beau and his beautifully symetric markings

Baz has claimed his bowl!

Little Lily reaches out for some affection 
Just a couple of Siberian snow kitties!
Tenzing and Moose!

Tenzing has a fluffy fur coat and striped leggings on

CC! Thats not your carrier!

Apollo needs to see what his buddy is up to

Hello there pretty peepers!
Mojo is on the move!

Whoops! Got a little too close to Frankie

Apollo is just a little lover

So is Leopold!
Baz has a perfect cotton ball for a tail!

Scout imitates the painting on the wall

Proud girl!
Hobbes is looking real cozy in his condo

Leopold braves the catio for a moment

Rita with the paw curl
Getting some lap time while Almond says "what about me?"
Yes Almond, you get the next turn!
Miss Mez doesn't mind the cold as long as she has her heat pad
Welcome back Mack!

And Bitty Kitty (who isn't so bitty anymore!)

Luxurious L.E.


And tiny Saoirse camped out

Look at this roly-poly Dumpling!

Maybe more of a croissant... 
Manny shows off some toe beans and a toof
Miss Millie

Whos this?

Tiger bird! 
Tail's up, ready for some love!

Mango is the silliest little baby

And the softest...

Beau does a blep

Lily has really taken to hanging out with Beau 

Baba comes out to greet me from her napping spot


If photos had sound, you would hear Apollo's loud purr motor going
Dumpling, The Lap King

Thanks for watching! Sorry if we missed anyone!

Your Blog Host,

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