Thursday, May 2, 2019

May 2nd

Sunny days for Max.

Nice to meet you, Leveon!


Charles enjoys a heated pad.

Luna, baby!

Petunia is a hoot.

And a chatter box!

And a flopper! What more could you ask for?

Cougar on the hunt.

We think you're pretty cute, Smokey.

Leveon likes his condo!

Lovely Rita!


Cougar is in charge on the catio.

Pita wins them over every time!

Purr-C poodle!

Luna should be in the commercials!

Dusty finds some shade in the catio.

Ollie wonders if the package is for him.  Well technically yes---it's a new cat tree!

Boo stretches out to say hello.

Howdy, Blaire!

Dusty is always looking for fun.

Fabulous Purr-C!

Pita says that its warm enough outside to flop!

Handsome Ollie.


Boo says he calls dibs on this condo.

Boxer exudes confidence. 

Purr-boy Brutus.

Prettiest Holly.

Mishka likes a spot that is nice and high up.

Her sister nods assent.

Elsie likes camping out in her carrier.

Q-tip spends her afternoons in the window boxes.


Nix doesn't mind sharing a basket with her buddy, Nim.

Big day for Nim in the catio.


Buster, buddy!

You like to scratch things but you don't have claws!

Newcomer Hazel is a sweetie!

Henry spent his morning exploring but was happy to return to his condo.

Crunchy says this is her I-just-got-dropped-off face."

Wonderful to see you again, Kodiak!

Thanks for looking!

your blog host,


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