Monday, May 27, 2019

Memorial Day - May 27th

Today, We Remember

All the Brave Kitties
(and humans)
Who Have Served

Everybody is out enjoying the catio!

Minka is blissed out in front of a warm window
Scout has never climbed into my lap the entire 2 years I've known her!
I had to savour this moment
Until she wanted to eat my phone strap! 

Busted! I caught CC & Mango wrestling!

Joey is the sweetest little muppet
Saoirse doesn't love the camera, but she's a total sweetheart
Shake that tail-feather LE!

Minka Muffin

Mango loves her basket

Dumpling stretches after a good nap

Almond found the tallest shelf! 
Simon loves it when its warm

Little Joey face!
Enjoying a trip to the catio

Snow leopard on the loose!

Mack does a mlem

Mojo gets flatter as the days get hotter

Mezzy gets some love

Shy beans

Majestic Hobbes

Marci says "NO TOUCHING!"

Thats much better! 
Simon has such a handsome mug
What kind shenanigans are you getting into now, Mac?
A portrait of Tiger

Rita likes to hang out here so she can say hi everytime I walk by

She loves the belly pets

Nino's sweet little face
Phoebe is a total doll 
Manny looks pretty good in pink

The lovely miss LE

Look at the glossy coat on Beau!
Octane is loving up on...the curtain?
You're the one that got up there little lady!

Howdy Simon! 

Together, Mango & CC make one orange cat and one black one

Hello Almond!

Tenzing is the King Floof!
Beau is just a pile of toe beans and legs!

Duncan gets some good head scritches

Dumpling & Duncan!

Lily prances around making a comfy spot

Dainty princess

Dumpling is a crowd fav

Mezzy has a favorite basket now

Floof King surveys his kingdom

CC found a good box to curl her feetsies

Sweet Tiger wanted to lay next to me on my break

Thanks for tuning in!
Your Blog Host,

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