Friday, August 2, 2019

August 2

Happy Seafair Week! 🚤

The Blue Angels are practicing, the boats are out, and our kitties are chilling!

Echo and Lady P looking fabulous!

Arlo is so handsome!

A girl has no name...welcome back Arya Stark! 

Caesar is the most handsome lion ever. 🐱

Chaussette catching some z's!

Chloe is our shy girl. 

Coraline is so silly!

Esme was a little surprised!

Finou, Chiki and Plop are loving their digs!

Fresca all cozied up. 

Froggie is totally relaxed. 🐸

Gitana and Mia are our favorite tabby duo. 

Hobbes taking in the garden views. 

Holly, surveying her kingdom. 

"Naptime is the most important part of the day!" -L.E.

Lady P living the life!

Lillie has the cutest mask markings. 

The other Lily, post-breakfast! 😹

Miss Maggie enjoys the IKEA cubes like no other.

Miss Millie is back!

O'Malley is a big baby!

Perky Pepper!

Petunia is queen of the tent.

Phoebe has the sweetest little face :) 

Roo and Saoirse have the best seats in the house. 

Sadie in full chill.

Simon is in a reflective mood. 

Hello Vincent!

Zelda says "hello"!

Ziggy is a little bit shy, but has been exploring!


Have a great weekend!

-Maddie, Allison and the All My Kitties Team

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