Thursday, August 22, 2019

August 22

The drizzly weather doesn't
have us bummed out!!! 🌂

Despite the rather gray day, our
kitties are having a lovely holiday. 

Winston could be your very own mini Pink Panther!!!

Pan is looking so lovely in the garden! 

Cersei living her best life. 

Coraline, looking cute as always. 

Cyan and Winston enjoying a relaxing morning. 

"Welcome to my office." -Cyan

Dommy is zonked out! 

Jaime and Dusty are ready to play! 

Delightful Dusty back at it! 

Garth is so comfy. 

Jaime is a big lovebug! 

Jessica's favorite basket. 

Louie getting his morning rest in. 

Foot out for Maggie! 

Marta from her favorite shelf. 😸

The Marvelous Mew!!!

Noodles is camping out in his favorite cabin for the afternoon. 

Quiet and cute Quorra!

Ringo looking very regal. 

Roger and Junebug are big "water cats"
and love splashing around. 😹

Ron is distinguished with his teeny moustache. 

Saba is shy, but staking out her condo! 

Simon stretttttching it out. 

Tibeau: no photos please! 

Wonderful Wayne! 

Winston matches his favorite tent. 


Get ready for the weekend!

-Maddie, Allison and the All My Kitties Team

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