Thursday, August 8, 2019

August 8

Happy International Cat Day!

Today is the greatest day in
all kittydom - International Cat Day!

Zolo is our Instagram model for the day. 

Arya is checking on our cleaning progress. 😂

Jessica is staying cozy today!

Abigail, just saying "hi"! 

Binx loves watching the world go by from her condo!

Bitty Kitty, up close and personal!

Bunny is always so talkative. 

Clive is Mr. Friendly! 

Coraline living her best life. 

Drake is feeling the lighting right now.

Fifa giving us sass. 

We can always tell Frankie by his cute teeny ear tufts. 

We promise, Fresca loves us! 

Froggie all laid out.

Holly is a big fan of the cat shelf. 

Jackson is allll cozy. 

Jasper's view from the top!

A special welcome to Joe!

"You have come to the right place. " -Kuro

L.E. and Saoirse are best buddies. 

"You woke me from the best nap!" -Lilly

Mac stretchhhhhing it out. 

Maggie loves her afternoon nap. 

Marci has the best seat in the house.

Nyx looks so mysterious. 😼

Olive is cute as a button. 

Sgt. Pepper, at your service!

Petunia is ready for the weekend.

Phoebe is on the move. 

Quorra is our cute shy girl!

Roo totally digs the catio. 

Simon has taken up residence on the catio. 😻

Tibeau checking stuff out. 😹

Vincent in his secret place atop the condos. 


The weekend is almost here! Hang in there and 
enjoy International Cat Day!

-Maddie, Allison and the All My Kitties Team 

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