Saturday, March 18, 2023

March 18, 2023


Happy Saturday! 

March 18th! 

The cats are enjoying the nice day today! 
We hope you are too! 

Daji exploring all the windows, that's his fave

Blossom showing you her yoga poses

Leo resting after his catio field trip

Schrodinger showing you how the sun brings out his eyes

Fergus coming out for the pets

Jinx perturbed that woke his sun bathing up

Laptop exploring all the parts of the catio

Cinnamon playing with the toy mouse in the sun 
& Muffin watching Panther from above

 Panther showing you his best pose 
& Oreo asking for pets

Tony showing us his playing skills

Noco coming in for the head pets

Ollie & Otis just hanging out

Hana & Yuki chilling together


Gnocchi basking in the sunrising & Pinot resting after breakfast

Ruby getting out to the catio in the early morning 

Hamza loves Daji and also the cactus

Ruby & Panther hanging in their condo

Maks waking from their mid-morning nap

Delilah tucked herself in 

Frodo bird watching after breakfast

Just three cats hanging out

We will see you Monday the 20th! 
-AMK Team 

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