Saturday, March 4, 2023

March 4, 2023

 Happy Rainy Saturday Everyone! 

Blue and Brio both love this basket,
 so much they take turns

Baker posing for the camera and getting some pets 
Kyrie in her favorite basket and trying a new hiding spot

Arti chilling after breakfast
Minnie getting some play time 

Goose loves the windows, look at those beautiful eyes
Luna waiting for Lancelot to pounce from the cubby

Loki and Meow enjoying time in the window

Milo and Ron hanging together, waiting for dinner
Watson hanging on the catio

Suki relaxing and then checking out the window

Zeus chilling on his condo and exploring the catio

Mac and Octane getting treats then waiting for dinner!

Nugget enjoying the top of the condos, 
they like to watch the action from there

Chip hanging out in her condo

Memo spends time up high and outside

Felix coming out for playtime and 
Scarlet hanging at the window in her cubby

Lancelot is always moving and playing! 

Maisie looking adorable, as usual

See you all on Monday!
-AMK Team 

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