Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cordelia's Story

Cordelia came to All My Kitties after her two owners passed away six months apart from each other.

Since Cordelia is a senior kitty at something like 16 years old, the estate had trouble finding her a new home.  After six months, All My Kitties generously agreed to take care of Cordelia to end of life, with no extra boarding charges, as long as the estate paid for her medical and food bills.

As you can see, keeping up with her medical regimen is a complex task!

Despite her medical problems, her condition has improved dramatically since we've found the best course of treatment. Cordelia is not yet ready to leave this life and lives a happy, comfortable life at All My Kitties.

She's still got some kitten in her!

Please say hi to Cordelia next time you come to All My Kitties.  She is a very loving kitty.  She especially loves being scratched under her chin!

Stay tuned for pictures of our other kitty guests tomorrow!

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