Sunday, June 26, 2011

Introducing... Ms. Wilson!

Gandalf wants in on the action.  Don't worry, you'll get your turn!

Haji prepares for a leap,

in order to be nearer to the catnip plant.

This is from the point of view of the grass as Hazel approaches...
(Jaws theme)


Hazel looks funny as she shakes her head!

Saffron likes to hang out in one of the heated kitty cabins outside.

"Hey, can I get a little room service, here?"

Ms. Wilson's companion, Huxley, prefers the round basket.

Poncho is a strapping guy-- and a man about town!

Smokey is adorable, as usual.  Just look at those big, imploring, eyes!

Cirrie, Haji's brother, is a big fan of the afternoon nap.  He's highly skilled at it, too!


Bartleby lolls in the sunlight!

Maybe he was enjoying it a little too much-- right after this photo he almost fell off the shelf!  :)

Zeus looks as if he's been caught doing something bad.  No, I didn't see anything, Zeus!  Go about your business!

Ellie meows her head off as I take a million photos of her.

The camera loves her!

Zilla lets me pet her a little.  She's opted to move out of the condo we chose for her.  She prefers the ones at the top of the stairs.

Zeus stands guard at his condo door.

See you next time, kitty lovers!

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