Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kitties Galore!


& Zeus

Tinkerbell flirts in the sunshine. (Can you tell this photo wasn't taken today?)


Later, she snuggles up in a bunk bed with her brother, Pistachio.

Their other brother, Jamie, loves his cabin outside.

Cirrie is named after a type of cloud, because he IS one!

"Meeeoooww!" he says.


Haji goes to the museum and looks at paintings of cats.

Lulu is back, and talkative as ever!

Pickles enjoys the sunshine.  He's talkative, too!  Lots of talkers here right now.

His brother, cowboy, observes a cat sculpture at the cat museum.


Smokey is a new guy.  He's a bit shy, but SO friendly if you start petting him!

"More pets, please!"

He even ventured out a little, and stretched to extra-long length!

Smokey! =^.^=

Zilla still doesn't want anything to do with us.  We will win her over, eventually!

Minga is a petite kitty!

Aussie went home today-- she was so shy for a long time, but she has been very friendly the last few days.


"Admire me!"

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