Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kitten ATTACK!!!


Grace chews her own tail!

Then wipes out from too much playing.

Wait, no!  Still enough energy to play with her new best friend, Moose!

Minka looks on, disapproving?  :)

Archie lazes around outside in the glorious sunshine!

He sounds mean, but he's all talk.  Watch this video to see him follow the camera, yelling in the traditional Archie way!

Jackie O. says "What was all that noise?!"

Lucky hangs out near the catnip... for some reason...

Mia, too!

Lucky is so dapper.

Conseco is a sweet guy.

So is Lopo.  He has the funniest voice.  I love chatting with him!

Kabby lounges in a little spot of dappled shade.

Whose paws are these?

Oh, hello Frank!

Lucky and Krancis try to tolerate each other.  This looks picturesque, but it didn't last long!  (Krancis dominated.)

Dinah is so pretty, with her beauty mark.  She's also very sweet.

Every time I pet her I sing "Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah..."

Gilda in her tent.

A motley crew of playmates in the office.  The kitten is lucky to have such friendly grown-up cats to play with her!

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