Friday, August 12, 2011

Millie is good at relaxing.

Butterscotch winks!

Ralphie just arrived today (He's been here before as you can see from the photo on his paperwork!)

"Hey!!  Somebody's in my basket!  Where'm I supposed to sleep?"

Aussie snoozes downstairs from Ralphie.

This kitty, I believe, is Malachi.  We have so many black kitties right now, my head spins trying to keep them all straight!

Mittens climbs the stairs.

Phoenix is one of the sweetest cats you'll meet.

It's not every cat I'd be willing to put my face so close to!

Phoenix uses me as a scratching post, too.  I think he just wants attention.

Then he goes to greet his brother, Malachi.

Mack just arrived today, but she already seems pretty relaxed.

Her neighbor, Molly, also arrived today.  She seems a little perturbed (another cat knocked something down with a clatter right as I took this photo.)

Tina Fey has a painted-looking face!

Malachi again?  He's everywhere I go!

Newton is a big goofy guy!

His sister Cassini is all cuddled up in her basket.

Meanwhile, Newton just wants ATTENTION!!!



His brother, Frank.

Huxley has a cute meow.  You should watch the video to hear it!

Brody is reaaaallly relaxed.

Pixel is perky!

Millie enters the scene.

Huxley and Brody watch... well, at least Hux does.  You can see Brody's feet!  He's too busy relaxing.

After taking that last photo, I looked over and spotted this hilarious sight:
You're so silly, Tiger!

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